At first thought, this site was planned to be a place where hiddenrose run her private business as you can see the page address here but then she has come into decision that it is going to be a place where she shares her thoughts and mind,  what she does and she wants to do or places where she’s been or she would like to visit or just a place she thinks that would be worth to visit based on her own research and other’s testimony.

Well, this blog has not done yet but you are still welcome to check the progress.  :-)

Love from the land of the waving coconut trees!

One thought on “HOME

  1. I believe in equality among the sex’s and the races and believe we are all equal, if the world could understand this fact then world would be a better place. As no person needs are greater then another’s. We share this world together and it would be nice if we could learn to get along, as we are all one race! Humanity.

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